Flour to Fork

A versatile staple

Wheat flours have been used in staple foods such as breads and pasta for centuries. Today, products made with wheat are consumed daily by most consumers in North America and many other countries. In Canada, a countless number of foods made with wheat flour are enjoyed throughout the day – from breakfast right through to dinner and snacks in between. Not only is wheat an important ingredient, but it’s nutritious and plays a key role in healthy eating.

Beyond milling – to bakers, pasta makers and home kitchens

Approximately 10% of all wheat milled in Canada finds its way directly to consumers for at-home baking and food preparation in the form of all-purpose flour, cake and pastry flour, wheat bran and various bakery mixes.

The other 90% of wheat milled in Canada reaches consumers in the form of freshly prepared and packaged foods.

The largest portion of wheat eaten by consumers in Canada is in an almost-endless variety of breads and other bakery products. Thousands of local bakeries, grocery stores and national brands proudly use Canadian wheat.

Pasta manufacturers in Canada transform semolina made from durum wheat into ready-to-cook traditional dry pasta, fresh and frozen pasta products.

The majority of breakfast cereals, cookies, crackers and biscuits are also manufactured in Canada, as are many snack foods and confectionary products in which wheat products are important ingredients.

We are fortunate to produce a bountiful supply of wheat in Canada. Even with its popularity as a key ingredient in numerous products, we still consume far less wheat than we produce. The wheat that isn’t consumed here at home is shipped around the globe where it’s valued for its protein, quality and versatility. Indeed, people all over the world enjoy Canadian wheat.

No matter what wheat food product you enjoy next, be assured that the journey it took to get to your fork was one that involved multiple people committed to sustainability, quality, nutrition, flavour and safety every step of the way.

Canada produces a wheat crop that is the most versatile in the world. Our unique growing conditions allow us to grow different wheat classes, each with their own characteristics, that can satisfy any end-use need.

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